The Princess and the Frog + scenery


Shortly after my years at Disney Animation Studios (then known as Disney Feature Animation) were over, I worked on a few projects for Disney Toon Studios before finding my current home designing for the Disney Stores. One of those projects was “Cinderella 3: A Twist In Time”. My first job on that project was to help develop the character of Prince Charming. He would be playing a much more “active” role in this film. So at first I was thinking, “Is he younger, more athletic ?” I wasn’t quite sure at the time, so I got to drawing. Seen here is a little bit of my exploration. You can see it’s all a bit of a variation on a theme. As we got closer to production, his design fell closer to the original film. We didn’t need to redesign him after all, just give him a bit more character for the animators and story artists to play with. It was a fun assignment and project to work on. All images (C) DISNEY/TOON STUDIOS


Princess Tiana & Prince Naveen on Flickr.


"More Étouffée?" - 6x8", Acrylic & Gouache

Original available for purchase from Disney Wonderground Gallery.

Price: $450

For enquiries and holds for personal pick-up only, please call  Disney Vault 28 at (714) 300 7004



"I’m still hoping for the day that Disney brings traditional animation back."

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Fuck japan gets the best Disney shit


[Queen Elinor & King Fergus] Complicity during the presentation of the suitors.


my favorite scene in frozen




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